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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Copy Apache
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2009 14:12:43 GMT

Gregor Schneider wrote:
> I'm sorry, but the whole question is rediculous 
Yes, but the correct word is "ridiculous".

and needs a rephrasing at least.
And maybe your answer needs this also.

> - What does the OP want to copy? The whole of Apache? HTML only?
> To me it seems as if the OP doesn't have *any* clue when it comes to
> Apache / Tomcat (please also refer to his previous posts).

That seems indeed to be the case.  But no more so than quite a few other 
previous posters on this list. No need to get upset.

> I may appear rude, 

however, I believe that before asking questions in
> a list, ppl first should at least *try* to refer to the - in this case
> - excellent docs.

> If there are still open questions left, everybody is very welcome to
> ask their questions here, and I believe the list-members are more than
> willing to help.
> However, most members of this list are helping during their spare
> time, free of charge, just because they like Tomcat and maybe believe
> in the principles of Open Source. On the other hand, most members of
> this list are also earning their pennies with software-development /
> administration / whatsoever.
True, wherever they are.

> Still, this does not mean that the members of this list are helping
> some offshore-wannabies to fullfill their client's (!) requirements,
> thus cutting off the branch they're sitting on.
Now that starts sounding a bit peculiar.
What do you mean by "offshore" ?  Anyone not in the same particular 
country where you presently are ? (because I don't think I am either)
And I thought this was a global Internet forum, dedicated to helping 
Apache Tomcat users worldwide, irrespective of origin, culture, 
nationality, beliefs.  Am I wrong or naive ?

> Ever wondered how some offshore-companies can come up with their
> prices? Have a look at some posts, and you'll know...
I've been wondering about the same thing reading some posts, but the 
presumed cultural or geographical origin or off-shoreness is not 
well-correlated to the (lack of) quality of the posts.

> I don't have any problem with a fair competition and sharing
> information, 
But the way you write, makes it sound as if you do, because the only 
element you had to categorise this OP as unfair, offshore or whatever 
was his name.

If I go by the names alone, I'd bet that quite a few of the Apache 
Tomcat developers and helpers on this list are not direct descendants of 
the Mayflower crew either.  Your post could offend some of them too.

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