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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: AJP vs HTTP connectors?
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2009 04:49:08 GMT
Eric B. wrote:
> "Gregor Schneider" <> wrote in message
>> hm, since I'd like to avoid to browse through the whole webinar:
>> what are the benefits / advantages / disadvantages?
>> actually we've been quite happy with mod_jk, that's why I'm wondering
> That's why I'm wondering the same thing as well.  They don't say much except
> that AJP is less configurable and more difficult to debug since it is a
> binary protocol, it doesn't perform any better than the HTTP/1.1 protocol
> and that they do not recommend its use.  Other than that, they don't say
> much about it, so I find myself wondering as well.
> I've been using mod_jk for several years now, but am looking at a brand new
> deployment (new servers, new app, new cluster, etc), so I was wondering
> myself if it was worth looking at different ways to connect to apache.  The
> only other thing I found was mod_proxy, but from what I gathered quickly, is
> that it is not as reliable and slower.
> Anyone have any ideas?

The (very) short version is:
mod_proxy_ajp is not as stable as mod_jk.

mod_jk and mod_proxy_http are prety much neck and neck. mod_proxy_http has a
very slight edge on average but on a case by case basis either may be the better

Of course, as mod_proxy_ajp improves the balance will change.

For the record I used mod_proxy_ajp quite happily with httpd and a two node
Tomcat cluster on a production system without any issues for over a year in a
previous job.

In the end, YMMV - use what works for you.


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