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From Kirk True <>
Subject Re: failed ActiveMQ hangs tomcat
Date Sun, 01 Feb 2009 05:05:29 GMT
Hi Adam,

AD wrote:
> hello,
>  i am running into a situation where if our JMS server is down
> (activemq) the tomcat application does not respond at all.  Not sure
> why tomcat is relying so heavily on this connection , any ideas as to
> why this would be ?

Does your ActiveMQ connection URL include the failover:// prefix? I've 
seen applications hang near-indefinitely trying to fail over to the same 
(downed) ActiveMQ server over and over again.

One way to see where the actual hang is would be to get a thread dump. 
The standard 'kill -3 <pid>' of the Tomcat process (on Linux/UNIX) would 
do the trick.

This sounds more like a web application issue than an issue with Tomcat. 
Also, if you have integration tests that connect to a live JMS server 
you could experiment with 'pulling the cord' and see where it hangs. 
This would then remove Tomcat from the equation.


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