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From Brad Whitaker <>
Subject HttpServletResponse.sendRedirect() not working?
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2009 01:55:09 GMT

I'm having a problem with Tomcat 6.0.18 that I don't understand. I'm invoking
HttpServletResponse.sendRedirect() but no redirect is being sent to the
browser. Is there a valid reason why this might occur, or is this likley a
bug in Tomcat?

My code has thrown an exception prior to invoking the redirect but I can't
find anything in the Servlet spec that would indicate this is a problem. The
HttpServletResponse.sendRedirect() is within a try/catch block and no
exception is being thrown in response to sendRedirect(). My app is built on
Grails (which in turn is built on top of Spring) and I don't fully
understand the exception resolution process used by my frameworks, but I
have verified that sendRedirect() is being executed and not throwing an
exception. This same code is working as desired when executed on Jetty (i.e.
the desired redirect is received by the browser) but when executed in Tomcat
I see the default Tomcat error page displayed rather than the redirect.

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.
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