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From "Frank D. Greco" <>
Subject accepting requests from outside the host?
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2009 03:20:33 GMT
I'm new at tomcat config, so go easy... :)

I wanted to setup tomcat for some testing.  So I installed tomcat on 
a new box at our hosting service (which hosts other prod websites of 
ours).  I was able to see tomcat from a browser on the same box.  I 
saw port 8080 (my config setting) associated with the tomcat/java 
process, ie, browsing to http://localhost:8080 worked fine.  So far so good.

But I can't seem to reach it from the outside.  Our ISP admin says 
port 8080 is open on the firewall, but my WinXP home machine can't 
reach it.  I tried to telnet to it, but no luck.

Can someone pls point me in the right direction on how to configure 
tomcat to accept browser requests from outside the box?  There 
probably needs to be something set in server.xml, but I can't seem to 
find that info.


Frank G.
| Crossroads Technologies Inc.                 |
| www.CrossroadsTech dot com                   |
| fgreco at REMOVEtheX!cross!roads!tech!dotXcom|

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