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From Michael Ludwig <>
Subject Re: Deploy 1st Service to Tomcat proper
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2009 23:23:43 GMT
Toriacht schrieb am 29.01.2009 um 01:24:12 (-0800):
> When i click on the application in my Tomcat Manager page I get a HTTP
> Status 404 error telling me that my web service (requested resource)
> is not available.
> There is no error in the $Tomcat/logs" folder. I checked, manager,
> catalina, stdout, localhost, jakarta_service,host-manager and admin
> logs. But I could see no error.
> In catalina.2009.X.X.log when I start Tomcat it says it deploys the
> service. When I stop Tomcat I get a message in stdout_2009.X.X, a
> log4j error message telling me that LogManager.repositorySelector was
> null. This message is coming from my service as I used to get it
> within Eclipse before I set up Log4j correctly but I don't think this
> is the cause..

It's not clear to me what you're describing here.

Is the Tomcat you're talking about running inside your IDE? Or

Is it possible that Log4J is improperly configured and thus not showing
you error messages?

I'd get rid of the IDE and log4j to cut down complexity. Then, you
should find error messages in the log files.

Michael Ludwig

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