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From Peter Warren <>
Subject Re: nio connector configuration
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2009 05:08:07 GMT
Thanks for the tips.  Very helpful.

>> I also get the warning when trying to use keepAliveTimeout.
>> Is this property available for the nio connector?
> No; it's only listed under the older connector (the one labeled "Standard Implementation"
that then somewhat ambiguously refers to HTTP).

I suspected as much, but got confused when I used the acceptCount
property and tomcat didn't complain.  acceptCount is only listed under
the "standard implementation" as well, so I expected a warning.

>> '' did not find a
>> matching property.
> Works for me (at least I don't get any error message) on 6.0.18 running with JDK 6u12
on a Vista 64 box; how are you setting the above property, and what are your running on?

I was setting it as a property in the connector config.  Maybe that
was silly of me, but I thought maybe all the properties were localized
in the connector.  I just tried it as a command-line option and it
seemed to work.

Interesting side note, with
"" set and
selectorPool.maxSelectors="500".  My server code starts generating
comet END events after about 30 threads start and only about 10
seconds into the test.


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