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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: WebdavServlet + custom DirContext = unexpected behaviour
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2009 04:04:11 GMT
> From: Stephen Winnall []
> Subject: WebdavServlet + custom DirContext = unexpected behaviour
> My Tomcat is as installed by NetBeans 6.5, that is
> with a separate CATALINA_HOME and CATALINA_BASE.

I'd strongly recommend that you first learn how to run Tomcat directly, outside of any IDE,
before muddying the picture with an extra layer of obfuscation.  Problem solving will be much

> I modified $CATALINA_BASE/conf/ to make
> common.loader look also in $CATALINA_BASE/common/lib and I
> put DBDirContext and supporting cast into there.

Now you've already gone off the deep end; that's not something you should have to (or want
to) do.  By default, there is no common/lib in Tomcat 6.0, and you don't need to resurrect
the past.  Any jars or classes Tomcat needs access to should be in Tomcat's lib directory,
nowhere else.  If you provide a replacement for the default <Resources> handler, it
must go into Tomcat's lib directory, since it's used by Tomcat, not the webapp.

> The Tomcat documentation suggests that changing the
> <Resources .../> to something other than the filesystem
> results in Tomcat not being able to read files it needs:

Not true - it says the *webapp* won't be able to access the file system; it says nothing about
Tomcat's ability to do so.

> do I have to make a hybrid DBDirContext that gets the
> files Tomcat needs from the filesystem and the data I
> want from the database?

I don't think so.  Start over with a clean Tomat install (not the one bundled with the IDE)
and go from there.

 - Chuck

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