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From Dennis Thrys√łe <>
Subject Delay / caching of resources?
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2009 09:40:28 GMT

I have a tomcat 6 setup on linux (CentOS 5) and see some odd behaviour.

There are some JSP's that include (in a custom tag with  
pageContext.include()) static HTML resources that are in the webapp.

However, when such HTML files are added or modified to the webapp  
(exploded directory) it takes something like 5 or 10 seconds before  
they can be served by tomcat.

Direct access to the filesystem sees the new file but tomcat says that  
the resource cannot be found. When modifying a HTML file tomcat keeps  
serving the old version for some seconds.

The same seems to be a problem for images which are added to the  
webapp at runtime. These are requested directly (not included  

Changing the "modificationTestInterval" for the JSP servlet does not  
seem to have effect. (And the HTML is not served by the JSP servlet  
anyway, right?)

Any good suggesions to what's going on? Are there any obious features  
or problems in tomcat that could cause this?

Any good suggestions for how to debug the problem further?



Geysir IT
+45 31 51 60 00

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