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From Ken Bowen <>
Subject PostgreSQL vs MySQL with Tomcat
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2009 22:20:02 GMT
Hi all (especially Chris -- very informative long post today on Tomcat/ 

For a several reasons (including the apparent infinite default for  
connection timeout), I'm contemplating switching one or two projects  
from MySQL to PostgreSQL.  I'd like to gather opinions on the  
tradeoffs, including:

Unfortunately, MySQL isn't really that tunable. On the other hand, MySQL
requires very little in the way of tuning!

I created a couple of proof-of-concept projects with PostgreSQL for  
someone about six months ago, and the only really puzzling thing what  
how to set up "sequences" corresponding to MySQL's AUTOINCREMENT (I'm  
not sure I've really wrapped head around it completely anyway).  For  
those small projects, it worked well, but there was no stress involved.

I'd like to hear about people's experiences and what they think are  
the strengths and weaknesses of each DBMS for use behind Tomcat.

Thanks much in advance,
Ken Bowen

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