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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Slightly OT: ApacheCon Europe 2009
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2009 21:11:48 GMT
Mark Thomas wrote:
>> Hope to see you there for a *yuck* Heinecken...
> I'm sure we can find something better than that :)
Since we're already OT here, let's do something for the sake of general 
cultural enlightenment outside of Tomcat and Java.

As any real amateur knows, the only really good beer is Belgian
(though there's now hope also for Anheuser-Bush ;-)).
The very best beer in the whole world is a Trappist beer, from the abbey 
of Westvleeteren, a little town in the North-West of Belgium, not far 
from the Netherlands.  It is unfortunately very hard to get, because the
enlightened monks who make it only make a small quantity of it, and one 
has to go to the abbey itself to get it.
However, among the only other 6 genuine Trappist beers in the world, 
which are all of a high quality, there happens to exist also a Dutch one 
: La Trappe, which I'm sure can be found in Amsterdam.

More information here :

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