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From "Mihamina Rakotomandimby (R12y)" <>
Subject Re: unwar and unjar an application
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2009 05:45:54 GMT
Kirk True wrote:
>> A developer gave me just a .war file to deploy on a tomcat.
>> I read [w|j]ar files are just zipped.
>> The .war contains some .jar...
>> I would like to "explode" all the .war (and the contained jars) and 
>> have the full code source. I could do it manually. 
> Are you sure that the WAR and its contained JARs actually have source 
> code? They don't by default (and I've never seen one that does)...

To deplay the application, they usually put the WAR into the webapp 
directory and they it runs: I concluded the source code is in there.

In case the war dont contain the source code:
- Where is the application code?
- Why do they need to upload that big file (1.1Mo big in my case)?

>> But then there are two questions:
>> - How to jar and war the exploded code back (to get it all archived it 
>> it was)?
>> - if I unarchive some .jar, they dont unarchive in a subdir but 
>> directly in the current dir. How to manage that (when unarchiving 
>> _and_ re-archiving)?
>> Well, the developper used some environment, I want to
>> - put the code under SVN
>> - edit it with Emacs/JDE
> These aren't really Tomcat-specific questions at all :( I'd advise 
> taking each question and finding its answer via your favorite search 
> engine.

The last section of my post was to explain the goal, so that people 
could understand my request. Obviously I did not expect some indication 
about that.

Chef de projet chez Vectoris

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