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From Kirk True <>
Subject Re: Programmatically Force JSP Reload
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2009 05:44:22 GMT
Hi Eric,

If you call touch on the JSP does it update? This used to work on 
versions of JRun back in the 90's.

Just a shot in the dark...


Eric Grunzke wrote:
> Hello,
> I am developing an app framework that has a very costly startup cycle. 
> Consequently, I try to avoid restarting apps because it takes a long time
> for the core to get spooled up.  In this vein I have a custom classloader
> that reloads the WEB-INF/classes directory without doing a full restart of
> the app.  I've run into a problem, however, in JSPs.  It's possible for JSPs
> to contain a reference to a .class file that becomes stale when I reload
> behind the scenes, which results in a ClassCastException.
> The bottom line here is that I am searching for a way to programmatically
> force tomcat to drop all loaded JSPs from memory.  I do not need to
> recompile them, just reload the classes.  However, if compilation and
> reloading are inextricably linked, that's a cost I'm willing to accept.
> I've tried looking around the documentation and searching the mailing list,
> but I've been unsuccessful so far.  Any insight is greatly appreciated. 
> Thanks!
> -Eric

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