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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: does this mod_jk.log look healthy?
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2009 16:42:25 GMT
On 28.01.2009 12:00, Arne Riecken wrote:
> Thanks for Your answer.
> There are at least two (watchdog) ajp requests through the web server to the
> workers every minute, and as i wrote, the ajp connection_pool_timeout ist
> 600, connectionTimeout in Tomcats server.xml is accordingly 600000. So I
> cannot image how the web server can be more idle than the pool timeout, even
> at busy daytime, where the log messages also occure every few minutes?
> We will look forward to upgrade to 1.2.26.

The pool is local to any Apache httpd process. I assume your requests 
get distributed to more than one httpd process. You can log the process 
ID of the httpd process with %P in the access log, and if you are using 
a multi-threaded MPM (worker) also the thread id (%{tid}P).

1.2.27 would be better than 1,2,26 ;)



> 2009/1/27 Rainer Jung<>
>> Without additional error level messages that's OK. The web server noticed,
>> that there was no connection to the backend open and will transparently
>> create a new one. This could happen, if your web server is more idle than
>> configured with the JK connection pool timeout or Tomcat's
>> connectionTimeout.
>> You should update to 1.2.27, it's better than 1.2.23 :)

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