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From Alan Chaney <>
Subject Re: PostgreSQL vs MySQL with Tomcat
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2009 21:08:37 GMT
I stopped using MySQL when it was at version 4 because the transactional 
locking table (InnoDB) had different licensing restrictions than the 
rest of MySql (I'm not sure if this is true any longer.)

We switched to Postgresql (of comparable price!) and basically found it 
well-documented, reliable and fast (as long as you make sure to 'vacuum' 
it) Postgresql is under the BSD license which suited our needs better 
than the dual-licensing arrangement of MySQL. PGSQL has a very 
comprehensive set of features and I've not had any problems using it in 
conjunction with Hibernate.

MySQL 5 now has better transactional support than 4 - although I am 
personally sceptical of their reliance on 'atomic' locking - I don't 
quite see how that would work with long transactions and an optimistic 
locking strategy.

So, in the end "you pays your money and you takes your choice" (grin)

Alan Chaney

Terence M. Bandoian wrote:
> I don't have a great deal of experience with Postgres but I have been
> using MySQL since the days of mSQL and have found it to be fast,
> reliable, easy to install on both Linux and Windows and straightforward
> to administer.  It provides good support for the ANSI standard and the
> documentation is good in identifying extensions to or deviations from
> the standard.  All of the basic tools, from query analysis to command
> line administration programs, are documented and function reliably. 
> Statement syntax is very well documented.  Features include
> localization, various character sets (UTF-8 and Unicode), data
> encryption, client/server encryption, stored procedures, triggers,
> transactions, APIs for a number of programming languages and support for
> ODBC, JDBC and .NET.  Configurability is provided mainly through some
> 250+ system variables which may be set at startup (on the command line
> or in the options file) or dynamically with the SET statement.  I have
> been very pleased with its performance both administratively and as a
> programmer and you can't beat the price.
> -Terence M. Bandoian
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