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From Mark Thomas <>
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2009 12:43:11 GMT
James Hoare wrote:
> Thanks for the response on this. I don't think I explained myself very clearly though,
as we're not actually using a cluster so we never pass session deltas between the nodes. Our
JBOSS instances are round robin load balanced via mod_jk, therefore if a user has a session
created on one server and that server is taken off line, mod_jk will route that users next
request to the next available app server. The users original session data is never persisted
as we don't currently use Tomcat's PersistentStoreManager.
> But I thought that the app server receiving this request with a JSESSIONID that is doesn't
recognise would overwrite the cookie with it's own JESSIONID, if there is a call to req.getSession()?
> Our JBOSS instances have an embedded Tomcat v5.5 instance and we deploy our app as a
> Could anyone confirm that the above is the correct behavior of Tomcat?



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