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From Rusty Wright <>
Subject Re: PostgreSQL vs MySQL with Tomcat
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2009 01:17:26 GMT
I've found MySQL's error messages particularly worthless in some situations; I had a foreign
constraint and it was giving me some generic error when I was violating that foreign constraint.
 Say MySQL around our DBA and steam starts coming out of his ears.

The one warning I can think of with PostgreSQL is that you have to use schemas; you either
have to set the schema after you connect, and I think I couldn't figure out how to do that
with jdbc, or you specify it as part of every table name; "create table schema_name.table_name
...; select whatever from schema_name.table_name;".  Schemas are quite cool, so don't take
this as a criticism.

Ken Bowen wrote:
> Hi all (especially Chris -- very informative long post today on 
> Tomcat/MySQL):
> For a several reasons (including the apparent infinite default for 
> connection timeout), I'm contemplating switching one or two projects 
> from MySQL to PostgreSQL.  I'd like to gather opinions on the tradeoffs, 
> including:
> Unfortunately, MySQL isn't really that tunable. On the other hand, MySQL
> requires very little in the way of tuning!
> I created a couple of proof-of-concept projects with PostgreSQL for 
> someone about six months ago, and the only really puzzling thing what 
> how to set up "sequences" corresponding to MySQL's AUTOINCREMENT (I'm 
> not sure I've really wrapped head around it completely anyway).  For 
> those small projects, it worked well, but there was no stress involved.
> I'd like to hear about people's experiences and what they think are the 
> strengths and weaknesses of each DBMS for use behind Tomcat.
> Thanks much in advance,
> Ken Bowen
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