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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Tomcat POST Section Execution Size limit
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2009 16:35:06 GMT
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B T wrote:
> I have noticed that I am running into some type of limit with the
> POST section upon execution. When the POST logic being
> executed(includes SQL actions, CHOOSE logic, etc...) reaches a
> certain size, I get the following error
> "java.lang.IllegalStateException"If I trim any part of the POST
> Section actions, it works without issuing error.

Do you mean that the size of the request body can be large enough to
cause your JSP to fail, or are you saying that if you have a JSP that is
too big, you'll get this error?

The main portion of a JSP is compiled into a single method called
_jspService. Java methods have a limit of 64k bytes once compiled. If
you have so much code that you break this limit, you can get weird
errors, depending on the compiler.

Can you give us more information about this error? Take a look in
catalina.out and post the full stack trace (including any "caused by"
clauses). This will help a lot.

> I went through many of the config options (such as maxPostSize)
> outlined at
> none of
> the changes seem to make a difference. None of the individual JSP
> files so far exceed about 55KB

The maxPostSize setting is to limit the amount of data that can be
/sent/ to the server in a POST body, not to limit the amount of code
that you can write to handle a POST request. I think you don't want to
mess with this setting.

- -chris
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