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From Alan Chaney <>
Subject Re: File upload fails
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2009 21:28:06 GMT
How big is the file?

"Connection reset" is commonly caused by the the client dropping the 
connection. This could be because of connectivity problems - for 
example, issues with the clients ISP.

I have had problems with specific browsers over this as well (our site 
has dozens of large mpeg and jpeg uploads each day). The worst culprit 
proved to be Safari 3 on a Mac. Is the upload done with SSL?

I doubt that restarting the server makes any difference one way or the 
other. Why not get the client to test with a non-urgent file and a 
non-urgent time  when you have a chance to fault-find? Also, you may 
want to watch the upload with something like wireshark to see exactly 
what is happening and when.


Alan Chaney

javacle wrote:
> <p>We have a customer who uploads a file on a daily basis.
> Usually it works, but about once every two weeks it fails with this error in
> the log :
> <p>org.apache.commons.fileupload.FileUploadException: Processing of
> multipart/form-data request failed. Connection reset
> <p>After restarting tomcat, sometimes three times, it eventually works.
> Whether the restarting is significant or just the passage of time that
> clears some other fault I dont know .. there is always a panic to get it
> working
> <p>The customer is on the other side of the continent, but today she emailed
> the file to me and I had the same error trying to upload her file from the
> office the first time (i.e. same building as server). So that would seem to
> eliminate long-distance network latency/timeout as a factor.
> <p>Nothing I am aware of has changed since the last time it worked, however
> something may have changed in the network, or on the server, without being
> noticed.
> Any advice would be appreciated
> tomcat 5.5, jre 1.4.2, Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 4 (Nahant) Kernel
> 2.6.9-5.ELsmp on an i686

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