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From Bill Davidson <>
Subject Re: Oracle database calling the web app?
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2009 22:31:53 GMT
Juha Laiho wrote:
> However, have you actually measured how much load it would put to various
> pieces of your system to not cache this data, but just fetch it from the
> DB more or less each time it is needed?

We currently have the ability to turn the caching on or off.  We 
generally only
turn it on when we anticipate a massive traffic storm coming to our site 
by new highly in demand items going on sale).  At the moment, once we 
turn the
cache on, the cached data only gets updated by turning caching off and 
then back
on -- which is something we don't like to do when we are getting 
thousands of hits
per minute.

While I'm not aware of exact measurements, the system can handle major
traffic loads much better when we have the caching on.

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