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From Boban Jankovic <>
Subject Tomact behind ISA server - session problem
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2009 17:26:25 GMT
I have a Tomcat installed behind ISA server. It is properly(?) 
published, so I can reach it from outside world, as from LAN also.
But, when I access my Tomcat application from LAN, all session 
attributes  are fine, the app works as I want it to.
When I access it from outside world, something is wrong with session.
For example, I access the app from Firefox, exit Firefox, and start IE - 
the same session(!).
On the other hand, I have a Java class as a session object, but 
sometimes I can not modify it, and sometimes I can.
I must emphasize that everything works nice when I access the app from LAN.
Any idea ?
Thnks in advance.

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