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From Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <>
Subject Re: HELP NEEDED: Https, Tomcat, Apache - Total Noob to all this
Date Sat, 03 Jan 2009 16:15:15 GMT
just add the same proxy statements to your SSL virtual host


scurenton wrote:
> First off, I am sure this is probably posted somewhere but not sure what to
> search on.
> I am new to the Tomcat world so bare with me.  I have a reverse proxy setup
> in our DMZ running Tomcat 5 and Apache 2 and an Application internal that is
> running on Tomcat 5.  I have a SSL cert from Go Daddy for 
> OK, I want an INET user to type in and
> have it be directed to our internal application which is on a server called
> http://bcccrmecm:8080/Ef3/....
> I do have it to where a user can type in http:/ and
> it hits the reverse proxy and the RP redirects it internally fine.  I did
> this by using some directionds that had me uncomment the mod_proxy lines and
> add:
> # mod_proxy setup. 
> ProxyRequests Off
> ProxyPass /Ef3 http://bcccrmecm:8080/Ef3
> ProxyPassReverse /Ef3 http://bcccrmecm:8080/Ef3
> ProxyPass /selfservice http://bcccrmecm:8080/selfservice
> ProxyPassReverse /selfservice http://bcccrmecm:8080/selfservice
> <Location "/Ef3">
>     Order allow,deny
>   Allow from all
> </Location>
> <Location "/selfservice">
>   Order allow,deny
>   Allow from all
> </Location>
> How do I setup the reverse proxy to redirect any traffic from
> to internal http://bcccrmecm/Ef3/....
> ?????

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