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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Servlets works fine, JSP's don't
Date Fri, 02 Jan 2009 13:00:50 GMT
davefury wrote:
There seems to be something preventing Tomcat from running your JSP 
pages. I can't help you directly there, but before digging further, the 
following are some general tips, also usable for other problems with 
Apache and Tomcat.

1) Are you accessing Tomcat through Apache, or directly ?
(Assuming you really are totally new to this :
Usually Tomcat itself has a HTTP connector listening on port 8080 or so, 
while Apache listens on the standard port 80.  So if you access Tomcat 
directly, you use a URL like
while if you go through Apache and mod_jk, you would use

2) is the error page you receive an Apache page, or a Tomcat page, or an 
internal page from IE ? (they are usually easy to distinguish by style)

3) what do the logfiles say ?
In your environment, the logfiles
- of Apache would be in /var/log/apache2/*
- of Tomcat would be in /var/log/tomcat5 (or 5.5)
(That is, by the way, always a good place to start looking) ;-)

It would also help a bit if you were a little more precise with the 
versions, like Apache 2.x.y? and Tomcat 5.x.y?

4) If you were accessing Tomcat through Apache, how about trying the 
same, but accessing Tomcat directly (see above, add :tomcat-port to your 
If not 8080, you can find out which port Tomcat is using by looking at

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