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From "Richard Eggert" <>
Subject MemoryUserDatabaseMBean Broken in Tomcat 6?
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2009 22:50:58 GMT
It appears that MemoryUserDatabaseMBean is broken in Tomcat 6 (and
probably earlier versions of Tomcat, though I haven't tried them).

I've been playing around with the Tomcat's support for the MX4J
HttpAdaptor as described at , and tried
using the MemoryUserDatabaseMBean
(Users:type=UserDatabase,database=UserDatabase) to edit my
tomcat-users.xml file on the fly without restarting Tomcat.  Some of
its operations sort of work (notably, "save" appears to work properly,
and "createGroup", "createUser", and "createRole" do appear to create
groups, users, and roles, respectively), but for the most part, the
MBean appears to be horribly broken.

When I call one of the "create" operations, the role, group, or user
does get created (at least, they show up in tomcat-users.xml after I
call "save"), but no corresponding RoleMBean, GroupMBean, or UserMBean
is registered, so there's no way to assign roles and groups to users
after they are created (and a user with no roles is fairly useless).

According to their descriptions, the "find" operations are supposed to
return MBean names, but instead they return the XML snippets that
appear in tomcat-users.xml.

The "remove" operations don't work at all.  For example, when I try to
invoke "removeUser", I get the error "Cannot find method removeUser
with this signature."

I couldn't find any mention of this in the Tomcat 6 bug database.
Should I submit a bug report?


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