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From johnrock <>
Subject setup default webapp in tomcat 6 and apache
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2009 22:25:20 GMT

I am setting up apache 2.2 and tomcat 6 on XP.  I have apache handling all
requests and forwarding JSPs to Tomcat like so:

(From apache/conf/httpd.conf:)

LoadModule    jk_module  "C:/Program Files/Apache Software
	JkWorkersFile "C:/Program Files/Apache Software
	JkShmFile     "C:/Program Files/Apache Software
	JkLogFile    "C:/Program Files/Apache Software
	JkLogLevel    debug
	JkLogStampFormat "[%a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Y] "
	Alias  /examples "C:/Program Files/Apache Software
	JkMount  /examples/* worker1
	# send all requests ending in .jsp to worker1
	  JkMount /*.jsp worker1
	  # send all requests ending /servlet to worker1
	  JkMount /*/servlet/ worker1

What I am trying to do is very simple, but I am confused of course.
apache document root is:
DocumentRoot "C:/perfroot/depot/myApp/web"

So if you go to http://localhost you will be served
"C:/perfroot/depot/myApp/web/index.html". That works fine.
What I want to happen is that if you go to http://localhost/index.jsp tomcat
should serve
I do not know how to set this up.  That is, I want to be able to startup
tomcat and have it default to loading myApp and look in the same
documentRoot apache does.  I am confused about how to achieve this using
contexts in tomcat.

I am sure this is a very basic concept but I would greatly appreciate if
someone could set me straight about how to think about it properly.

Again, the idea is incredibly basic: I will have one web application for
this website. Apache serves the html pages and tomcat serves the JSP. I want
to be able to go to http://localhost/ and make requests right off of the
root without having to provide a special context url,
(http://localhost/myApp/ ) just to call jsp pages in myApp.

Can someone explain to me how to do this? It would be greatly appreciated!



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