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From Aegyssus <>
Subject Tomcat6 JSP refresh problem
Date Sat, 10 Jan 2009 05:42:58 GMT

I know that tomcat is not supposed to "cache" the output of jsp and servlets
but here is my issue:
Our website has several hundred JSP pages, many of them with dynamic
includes; when we modify a page that is more popular (accessed more often)
than others, the change will not be reflected. Less popular pages have no
problem to reflect the changes. It's definitely no browser cache issue as we
tested with various browsers and cleaned up the browser cache.
Development parameter is false and checkInterval is set to 5 for JspServlet.
I think it's worthy to mention that the pages have no problem to compile:
the JSPs are correctly transformed to .java then compiled to .class files. I
checked these files from scratch folder and the changes are correctly
updated. But the output does not change...
The only way to see the new content is to redeploy the application (or to
restart the server, or other brutal refresh way...) but this is not an
acceptable solution for us.
This issue happens since we've upgraded the Tomcat server from 5.0 to 6.0.18
on our Linux server. Also, we upgraded the JVM from JDK1.5 to 1.6...
So this is pretty much our problem. Does anyone know what is the root cause?
Any suggestion or comment will be highly appreciated.
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