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From davefury <>
Subject Re: Servlets works fine, JSP's don't
Date Fri, 02 Jan 2009 13:32:26 GMT

Hello awarnier, thank you very much for your detailed response:

1) I'm accessing Tomcat via http://machine_ip/ so, its through apache.

2) At the bottom of the error pages (the 500 Internal Server Error), the
following can be found:
Apache/2.2.3 (Debian) mod_jk/1.2.27 Server at Port 80

3) I've had a look at both apache2 & tomcat logs, and it just throws nothing
after I reproduce the error. Catalina is set on debug mode, and I having a
look at it, I only find DEBUG entries, not ERROR ones.  Do you know if there
is a way to increase verboseness on the errors shown on the browser to debug
that error 500 a little more?

I'm using tomcat apache-tomcat-5.5.17 & apache2 2.2.3-4+etch6. The mod_jk
connector is the latest version download from the official website.

4) I'm affraid I can't connect to tomcat via 8080, since we'r all
firewalled. Anyways, I assume its working correctly since its redirecting
data to port 80, and its displaying fine. Guess mod_jk conector is working
as intended.

Thanks a lot for your time awarnier.

awarnier wrote:
> davefury wrote:
> [...]
> There seems to be something preventing Tomcat from running your JSP 
> pages. I can't help you directly there, but before digging further, the 
> following are some general tips, also usable for other problems with 
> Apache and Tomcat.
> 1) Are you accessing Tomcat through Apache, or directly ?
> (Assuming you really are totally new to this :
> Usually Tomcat itself has a HTTP connector listening on port 8080 or so, 
> while Apache listens on the standard port 80.  So if you access Tomcat 
> directly, you use a URL like
> while if you go through Apache and mod_jk, you would use
> )
> 2) is the error page you receive an Apache page, or a Tomcat page, or an 
> internal page from IE ? (they are usually easy to distinguish by style)
> 3) what do the logfiles say ?
> In your environment, the logfiles
> - of Apache would be in /var/log/apache2/*
> - of Tomcat would be in /var/log/tomcat5 (or 5.5)
> (That is, by the way, always a good place to start looking) ;-)
> It would also help a bit if you were a little more precise with the 
> versions, like Apache 2.x.y? and Tomcat 5.x.y?
> 4) If you were accessing Tomcat through Apache, how about trying the 
> same, but accessing Tomcat directly (see above, add :tomcat-port to your 
> URL).
> If not 8080, you can find out which port Tomcat is using by looking at
> /etc/tomcat5(.5?)/server.xml
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