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From Michael Ludwig <>
Subject Re: UnsatisfiedLinkError in Windows Service (tomcat6w/5w.exe)
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2009 23:35:41 GMT
Caldarale, Charles R schrieb am 22.01.2009 um 21:52:36 (-0600):
> > From: Michael Ludwig []
> > Subject: Re: UnsatisfiedLinkError in Windows Service (tomcat6w/5w.exe)

> If you don't mind running another experiment, please start Tomcat as a
> service once with and once without the -Djava.library.path setting in
> the Java tab of tomcat6w.exe, and use LambdaProbe or JConsole to
> examine the system properties.

I'm connected to the Tomcat service via JConsole 1.6.0_11. On the
"VM Summary" tab, I can see the following for "Library path":


(I shortened it a bit.)

This is what I specified in the Java tab of tomcat6w, and is also
reflected among the "VM arguments" in JConsole.

Now I'm going to take that away, restart the service, reconnect and see.
First thing to notice is that the server starts fine, including the
context sporting a ServletContextListener dependent on the Berkeley
DbXml library. The library definitely loads fine. Now pasting the same
thing as before:


Where you see ... I can see what looks like the value of my PATH. After
the other day's reboot, it includes the Berkeley DbXml directory.

> If -Djava.library.path is not set, you should see the system property
> set to the PATH value prefixed with Tomcat's bin directory and the
> current directory (.);

Plus, in my case, "C:\WINDOWS\Sun\Java\bin". Shouldn't matter, as this
doesn't exist.

> if -Djava.library.path is set, the system property should be just the
> value from the -D.

That's precisely what I'm seeing.

Another test: I move one of the DLLs to another directory, C:\TempLib,
and include it in java.library.path, but it won't be in PATH.

And this doesn't work: "Error listenerStart" on startup, the context in
question isn't loaded, although C:\TempLib is included in both the "VM
arguments" and the "Library path".

So I guess there is something wrong with Tomcat here.

Thanks for your help!

Michael Ludwig

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