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From Michael Ludwig <>
Subject Re: UnsatisfiedLinkError in Windows Service (tomcat6w/5w.exe)
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2009 22:48:58 GMT
Konstantin Kolinko schrieb am 23.01.2009 um 04:57:31 (+0300):
> I think that the answer is (and your solution proves this) that the
> statement that service does not need environment variables is not 100%
> true.
> That is, if you compare *.bat/*.sh with how the service is started,
> you can see that  *.bat/*.sh processes some env variables and builds
> up a java -jar command from those variables.

Thanks for your help, Konstantin.

Yes, I can see the command is built up in catalina.bat, although there
is no -jar option in my version 6.0.18.

> The service launcher from the other hand, launches that jar directly,
> thus you have to configure all the arguments explicitly, and not
> relying on the env variables. It is those vars that are not needed.
> If I remember correctly, the PATH variable is respected by the Win32
> API that loads the dll libraries. Thus the behavior that you had to
> include that folder into the PATH. Win32 API help should provide more
> information.

Yes, the second of these docs mentions the PATH environment variable is
searched in order to load, failing all other possibilities.



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