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From John5342 <>
Subject Re: 11 recommendations for posters to this list
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2008 15:43:44 GMT
I have printed this off and stuck it to the edge of my monitor so i have a
permanent record of how best to ask questions ;-D

2008/12/2 André Warnier <>

> Dear Posters,
> if you want to get fast, terse, to-the-point answers on this list :
> 1) start with a subject like "Tomcat does not work"
> That always gets immediate attention.  It does not really matter if the
> problem is really in Tomcat, or in your application, or in something
> else altogether.  If there is a Tomcat on your machine, or if you even
> suspect that there might be a Tomcat somewhere in the network, go ahead
> and use this subject.
> 2) write it in CAPITALS, and add a couple of !! exclamation marks on
> each side !!  Be creative, the point is to get immediate attention.
> 3) start the text with "I need help A.S.A.P. !!".  In many email
> programs, you can also write this in *bold*, for even greater effect.
> Alternatively, permute (1) and (3).
> 4) Be rude.  Something like "I doubt it, but just in case one of the
> highly-paid smartasses on this list would know .." will do fine.
> 5) mention that this is a Tomcat 3.5 pre-packaged for Ubuntu.
> Alternatively, a Tomcat 4 package for Windows, installed by a friend and
> running under xy-wrapper will do.  Most effective : you installed
> SuperShare 7.2 for Vista, and you read on a forum somewhere that it has
> a Tomcat in it.
> 6) People on this list are like big kids, they love to guess. So
> apart from the above, do not add any information such as
> operating system, platform, host, versions or anything. Don't mention
> that you are using gcj.
> 7) Just say that it doesn't work. If asked for more details, respond "I
> click on my browser and it doesn't work". Don't add silly details about
> what doesn't work or when, error messages, logfiles snippets, anything
> like that, it just confuses things.  If pressed, insist that on your
> system, Tomcat does not write logfiles.
> 8) mention that you changed the classpath, and that you put <context>
> elements in your configuration file (don't say which one, wait to
> be asked). Note the lowercase c in <context>.
> 9) you can mention also that you copied your application
> libraries (those .jar file thingies) everywhere you saw other ones, but
> that it still doesn't work. Popular locations are tomcat/common/lib,
> tomcat/shared/lib, and tomcat/bin. But keep this information for your
> second post.
> 10) Never, ever say please, or thank you.  Instead, ask if someone can
> unsubscribe you from this list.
> 11) Do not sign
> Angelica C.
> Computer Student
> Italy
> as that would seriously weaken the effect of all of the above.
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