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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Apache 2.2.3 segfault with Jk connector 1.2.27
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2008 20:51:18 GMT
Rainer Jung wrote:
> The internals of this dev version are exactly packaged in the form of an 
> official release. So the build process works exactly the same (configure 
> and make), no additional tools needed.

> The version will identify itself as 1.2.28-dev, so you can't hide it's 
> not the official release :)
Also true.

> Respecting the above mentioned experience using older systems to build, 
> for production use I would also advice to use the target platform to 
> build. You could though use your customers httpd/mod_jk configuration on 
> your own system, reproduce the problem with the official 1.2.27 release 
> on your system and then test, whether it's gone there using the dev 
> snapshot.
I did take a big leap of faith, compile it on my Debian Linux system, as 
per the Build.txt.
Result : no unsatisfied dependencies, no macro redefinitions, no 
incompatible libraries, no problem at all, smooth as butter.
Obtained a (actually, at least 2), moved the right one to the 
customer Suse system, stopped/restarted Apache 2.2.3 and ...
- no problem with my previous workaround in place
- and no problem anymore either without my previous workaround

Thanks, v 1.2.28-dev does it.

And please note that all the above was done on the computer of which 
Chuck (or Chris?), just a few days ago, said that it had less processing 
power than his portable phone.
So there.
I'd like to see him try compiling mod_jk on his portable phone..
(It does have less RAM than his portable phone though, in that he was 

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