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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Apache Tomcat 6.0.18 Not Starting
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2008 08:47:57 GMT
Michael CC wrote:
> I am already running Apache Webserver on 8080. I changed the Connector Port
> to 8088 in the Server. xml file. When I test the service by calling
> http://localhost:8088/ I get the "Internet Explorer cannot display the
> webpage". 
Maybe another back-reference to
Items #1 and #7 ?
Just kidding.

Seriously now :
- the first logfile excerpt that you sent looks totally normal, and does 
not look like Tomcat is "Not Starting".  It does start, and says so.
- there can be multiple reasons why Internet Explorer would come up with 
this page.  The first one being that this is an internal error page from 
IE, which it displays instead of the page it (maybe) gets from Tomcat. 
It may hide a more significant error page from Tomcat, but which IE in 
its wisdom decides not to show.

Try the following, after you start Tomcat :
- open a Command window
- enter "netstat -an | more"
Do you see somewhere a line like :
   TCP               LISTEN
(the important part is the :8088 and the LISTEN)

- then, if the line above is there, enter :
   telnet localhost 8088
does it "connect" ?
If it does, enter (exactly) :
GET / HTTP/1.1<CR>
(where <CR> stands for the Return key)
What is happening ?

Alternatively, if you have Perl installed on that system, enter :
lwp-request -m GET -Sed http://localhost:8088/
it is much more informative.

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