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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat vs. Samba
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2008 09:14:16 GMT
Mitch Gitman wrote:
> 2. I literally can't solve this problem while still running as a Windows
> service. 
Yes you can...

- the LocalSystem account is special, one of the special things about it 
being that it cannot access Windows network resources.
- if you need Tomcat to access Windows network resources, such as 
"shares", then you need to run Tomcat under another user-id. If the 
system is part of a Domain, and if to access network resources you need 
to be logged in the Domain, then you need a valid Windows Domain user-id 
(and password) in order to run Tomcat as such a user-id.
(You can test with your own id).
- when you have such a user-id/password, then go into the "Services" 
applet (My computer...,Manage.., Services and Applications,.. Services, 
right-click on Tomcat in the right panel, choose Properties, and the 
"Logon as" tab.
Then change the user-id "Local System" to the Domain user-id above, 
enter its password.  The account will then automatically receive the 
permission to "run as a service" (it will tell you).
- Now if you start the Tomcat service, it will run as that user, with 
the normal environment of that user.
You just have to make sure that all the files/directories Tomcat needs 
are accessible by the user-id you are running Tomcat under.

A tip, if this is for a "persistent" installation : the user-id under 
which Tomcat runs should have a password that does not "age" (aka does 
not need to be changed every so often), because if it does, then after a 
while your Tomcat will not start anymore.

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