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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: [OT] JK Connector problem
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2008 16:27:34 GMT
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André Warnier wrote:
> Folder/directory/file names with spaces in them are evil, and should be
> forbidden in any new OS, by unanimous decision of the UN Security
> Council, US Supreme Court and EU Commission.  The developers who first
> allowed this should be tracked down and named publically.  Their boss
> who approved this should be fired (he's probably already retired though).

I disagree. I think that the developers who use spaces as delimiters for
path names should be the ones held accountable. The only place this type
of thing should be sticky is in the use of shell scripts, where spaces
usually separate things like parameters.

It does happen in, say, Apache configuration files because often spaces
are used to separate things like parameters, similar to shell scripts.

File (and path) names with spaces are definitely a good thing. Remember
8.3? <groan> When I'm using a Windoze box, I still feel like I'm somehow
constrained. When using a Mac, I'm all "look at the retardedly long
filename I can type without the file manager getting all pissed off!"
and then I laugh maniacally. Well, the maniacal laughter occurs
regularly whether I'm typing filenames on Mac or not, so I suppose that
was a bit of a red herring.

> The Apache group should stop installing their Windows versions by
> default in a directory containing the silly names "Apache Group" and/or
> "Program Files" in the path.  How many useless programming and debugging
> hours does it have to cost before this issue is put to rest ?

You can't really avoid the "Program Files" thing because that's where
Microsoft says you're supposed to install applications. If Apache
decided to stubbornly install apps into C:\OPT or something like that,
they break convention, and look like bad guys (don't get me started on
the whole /opt vs. /usr/local argument.... rrr!).

If you've got "Program Files" already in the path, why not have "Apache
Group" in there as well?

What would be better is if all configuration files contained proper
documentation (and I'm not saying they don't) related to properly
surrounding path names with double-quotes.

- -chris
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