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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Unable to connect to DB using DataSource
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2008 08:28:10 GMT
Stefan Deitmer wrote:
> André Warnier schrieb:
Ok, then another probably silly suggestion, but you might as well upturn 
this stone too.
Apart from the directories you named as already compared, have you 
compared the /usr/share/tomcat5.5 ?
That is where the Debian distributions usually install the base of the 
Tomcat 5.5 software (CATALINA_HOME).  /var/lib/tomcat5.5 is 
CATALINA_BASE (where this Tomcat instance actually runs).

As many lights on this list never tire to point out, packages for 
specific OS'es put things a bit all over the place, with soft links in 
even more places, which makes it difficult sometimes to figure out where 
things really are and what points to what.  The Debian Tomcat packager 
seems to have even more imagination than most.

You could of course remove the Debian package, and install a "real" 
Tomcat from the Tomcat site.  You would then probably get more help from 
this list (for reasons I do not discuss nor contradict).  The 
inconvenient is that you would lose the facilities of the Debian package 
manager for configuration, updating, resolving dependencies etc..

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