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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: can mod_jk detect web service unavailable
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2008 22:01:59 GMT
Zeke schrieb:
> Hi: I have a JBOSS cluster which use Apache with mod_jk as HTTP load
> balancer. In my cluster, some nodes are deployed web service, but not
> all. For example, node 1 contains web servicebook_service, I can call
> the web service using URL "", but
> node 2 does not contain it. I hope mod_jk can help me to detect
> whether the requested web service exists. That is to say, if I call
> the web service using "",
> mod_jk can know only node 1 contains the web service and node 2 not,
> then the request will always be dispatched to node 1. But with my
> current configuration on mod_jk and Apache, I fount that the request
> can be dispatched to node 2. Then surely exception will be thrown,
> since the web service not exists on node 2. Can mod_jk support it? Do
> I need some specific configuration? Any suggestion from you will be
> very appreciated!

If that would be an error situation and you want mod_jk to detect that,
then look at fail_on_status in the documentation at:

(and use negative codes).

If this is how you regularly deploy your apps, you should thin twice, if
the idea is good.

You can:

- use several load balancers, each with a different (maybe overlapping)
set of balanced workers (e.g. one for book_service etc.). To get the
stickyness right, you would then need to set the "route" attribute of
the balancer embers.

- use one load balancer and use mapping extensions to configure some
nodes stopped for individual mounts. See



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