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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat mapping of URLs -> servlets
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2008 15:19:23 GMT
Mark Thomas wrote:
> André Warnier wrote:
>> Then I guess I have (at least) 2 webapps : a "/foo" webapp, and a
>> "/foo/bar" webapp.
>> Now a request comes in with the url "/foo/bar/baz/various.jsp"
>> How does Tomcat determine that /foo/bar/baz is not itself a webapp, but
>> merely a sub-dir of webapp "/foo/bar" ?
> The longest context path always wins. So in this case any request to
> /foo/bar/... will always be handled by the /foo/bar webapp.
I guess I wasn't clear enough in my question.

What I meant to ask was : considering the apparent path of the URL is 
"/foo/bar/baz/", how/why does Tomcat "give up" on the "/foo/bar/baz" 
(potential) webapp path, and attribute this to the "/foo/bar" webapp.

Of course, you and me know that there is no webapp in "/foo/bar/baz", 
but we're smart humans who can just see this at a glance.
But how Tomcat know ?
Because there is no WEB-INF there, right now when it checks ? or because 
of something we did/did not tell him earlier ?

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