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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Can I specify virtual hosts in JKMounts?
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2008 18:17:50 GMT
Jonathan Mast schrieb:
> Thanks for the response, I didn't know JkMount directives could be placed
> within VirtualHost declarations.

Older versions of mod_jk tolerated putting JkMount in the global server,
not any vhost. All those mounts were automatically copied to all vhosts.
Since a couple of releases you actually have to put your JkMounts into
the VHosts, or use the JkMountCopy (On|All) construction. See JkMount
and JkMountCopy in

I suggest you make sure to use a recent version (most recent is 1.2.27)
and put your JkMount into the individual VHosts.

> Our httpd.conf uses the following:
> <IfModule mod_jk.c>
>     JkWorkersFile    /usr/local/tomcat/conf/
>     JkLogFile    logs/jk.log
>     JkLogLevel    error
>     JkMount        /*.jsp        ajp13
>     JkMount        /servlet/*    ajp13
> </IfModule>
> This is located beneath all our VirtualHost declarations, I presume it must
> be declared before the virtualhost stuff, in order for the JkMount directive
> to be recognized, correct?

I think putting it above is not necessary, but you should in general

- put the JkMount inside the VHosts, or if appropriate use JkMountCopy
- decide whether you want a separate log file per VHost (then add a
JkLogFile with a separate filoe name to each vhost) or only one common
consolidated log file
- consider using rotatelogs for your JkLogFile. It works syntactically
the same way you use it with Apache ErrorLog.

> And won't all the VirtualHost decls have to be within the <IfModule ...>
> tags?

The IfModule tags do not add any functionality except when the module is
not loaded (no LoadModule for mod_jk executed), apache ignore all parts
contained inside the IfModule. It allows you to switch faster between a
configuration using mod_jk and not using it. If you always want to use
it for this Apache, it adds a little unsafety, because if you forget to
load mod_jk, you won't get any error. Without the IfModule Apache will
complain, that it does not know about the Jk directives.



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