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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Manager app language
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2008 07:22:43 GMT
Michael Ludwig wrote:
> Michael Ludwig schrieb am 26.11.2008 um 20:57:12 (+0100):
>> LC_MESSAGES or LC_ALL would be the ones to look out for. LC_CTYPE is
>> for character classification.
>> Watch out for LANG, which overrides everything else.
> I was mistaken here. LANG is *not* the one that overrides everything
> else. LANG is overriden by LC_MESSAGES (or any other LC_* accordingly),
> which in turn are overridden by LC_ALL.
In any case :

- setting LC_CTYPE to either "en_GB.iso885915" or "de_DE.iso885915" in 
the Tomcat startup scripts (e.g., and restarting Tomcat, 
results in the Tomcat Manager "list applications" page to be displayed 
respectively in English or German.
Setting LC_ALL would probably have the same effect.

- in our case, we still have something somewhere that causes (or caused) 
the Manager to display its list apps page in German, despite the fact 
that LC_CTYPE was always set to "en_GB.iso885915" on that host (except 
for the above test).
The most likely suspect so far, would be some other web application, 
which during the execution of its init() method, would (have) reset the 
user.language property of the JVM, at a time before the init() method of 
the Tomcat Manager was called.

It is however a bit difficult to track down now, because in the meantime 
we have removed some unnecessary web applications (servlet-examples, 
jsp-examples, balancer example,..), and we are not sure that the 
resulting order of web application startup is the same as it was before 
these deletions.

As a general comment, and considering that nowadays the place where 
Tomcat is being managed may not necessarily reflect the geographical 
location of the host on which it runs, I would recommend in future that 
either the Manager would respond in function of the browser's 
"Accept-Language" headers, or that the Manager language would be set in 
an <init-param> section in it's web.xml.

It would definitely remove an element of surprise and wonder though, 
which could be preserved by allowing a value of "any" for said 
init-param.  This would also help advertise the fact that the Tomcat 
Manager can speak in tongues, which was unknown to us until a couple of 
weeks ago.

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