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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 6 unstable
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2008 21:16:49 GMT
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Michael Ludwig wrote:
> The very fact that object leak from one web app into another is a
> possibility seems to constitute a strong argument in favour of strict
> monitoring, be it only to shield oneself from errors that might be
> difficult to track down.

It's rare that an object would "leak" from one app to another. When
Chuck says "more global", he means in the classloader-sense. That
typically means that the object would be passed from the webapp to the
container, which is usually a safe operation.

If you want to pass objects between webapps, you will have to provide
the JAR files containing their classes to a class loader that is higher
than both webapps.

> May I rephrase this into there being a duty for the Tomcat admin to
> enforce none of the web apps loaded into his container supply a library
> that the container itself already supplies?

That's a reasonable request, but is often easier said than done. Since
webapps can come with any variety of JAR files (or even re-packaged JAR
files) it might not be possible to enforce this rule. But, if your
webapp breaks the rules, something usually goes wrong (like a
ClassCastException) so the webapp suffers, anyway ;)

- -chris
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