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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: jvm cowardly refuses to print a thread dump
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2008 18:17:13 GMT
Leon Rosenberg schrieb:
> We assume that the other tomcats didn't produce any thread dumps
> because our trigger happy system admins just sent the kill -9 too soon
> after the kill -3, and the jvm was overloaded. Well it's a wild guess,
> but i have no better one yet (unless jvm really locked up internally,
> but why??? we haven't change the jvm or tomcat or os or anything for a
> year now).

Just in case processes will not respond on kill -QUIT again: you could
try "strace" and "gstack". If the process still does issue system calls,
you can get those with strace (and maybe get an idea what it is doing),
if it is hanging somewhere in native code, you could look at it with
gstack. If it is hanging in Java code, neither strace nor gstack will help.

> But back to the ArrayList, how high is the probability of having
> ArrayList.size() twice in the similar call-tree in one ThreadDump?

Tell us the whole stack, not just the top line.



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