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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Memory consumption of Tomcat?
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2008 15:31:42 GMT
Stefan Rainer wrote:
> Hello,
> analyzing some memory problems I am wondering what's about the
> memory consumption for tomcat.exe shown in the windows task manager?
> - Java Heap size is configured as default (64MB)
> - tomcat uses 150 MB according to windows task manager (win 2000, tomcat
> running as service)
> - Addionally I have a java process using about 15 MB RAM
> What's up with the 150 MB RAM for tomcat.exe?
> Is there any documentation available on that?
I am sure that there is plenty of documentation on that, starting with 
what you will find in Google.  But don't expect anything simple.

Tomcat is a Java application. Java uses a lot of memory.  That's a fact 
of life, better get used to it. The "heap" memory that you configured 
earlier, is only part of the memory used by Java and Java applications.
Also, depending on the machine and the OS, I am never quite sure whether 
"128M" means bytes or words..

Think of it this way : Java is a Virtual Machine, running under your OS. 
  It insulates the Java applications from the underlying OS and 
hardware.  That is why Java applications are multi-platform : they carry 
their own platform with them.  The price you pay for that is memory.

Another thing : under Windows and with the standard installation as a 
Service, don't get fooled by the name "tomcat.exe".  That is only a 
"wrapper" program to make it run as a Windows Service.  Underneath, it 
really starts the Java Virtual Machine (java), and the JVM then starts 
the application (Tomcat).

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