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From David Goodenough <>
Subject mixed html and jsp site using ProxyPass
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2008 11:29:05 GMT
I have a site which is a mixture of html (and a bunch of images and 
flash and other such stuff which came in from the web designer) and
a couple of JSPs.  I have implemented this with Apache 2.2 and Tomcat
5.5, using ProxyPass statements with ajp in the Location tag.

My location block looks like:

<Location /> # it is the root application
  ProxyPass ajp://
  ProxyPassReverse http://...domain...
  SetOutputFilter proxy-html
  ProxyHTMLURLMap http://...domain...
  ProxyHTMLURLMAP / http://...domain...

So the base stuff is at the root, and the jsp stuff is all under the
jsp path element, so index.jsp is at jsp/index.jsp when referenced
in a URL.

There are some bits of the the Apache managed stuff (css files etc) that
I need to reference in the JSP, so those are referenced as /style.css rather
than style.css in the jsp pages.

It would however be easier if I have the jsp code at the same level (from
a URL path point of view) as the html etc files.  

Is there a way to divert just the .jsp files? I tried <Location /*.jsp> but 
that did not seem to work - maybe I got something else wrong.

I have tried looking around with Google, but obviously I asked the wrong
question as I did not find a useful answer.  Any help gratefullly received.


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