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From <>
Subject Isolating slow and fast connections using apache/modjk
Date Tue, 30 Dec 2008 16:53:04 GMT
We have an apache server that load balances two types of applications
across different stacks of tomcats. 

We have a tomcat stack for requests that processes very quickly, lets
call this stack A and a tomcat stack for slower running
request(different type of application) named stack B.

We limit connections on the apache to protect the underlying layers eg:
ServerLimit     5
ThreadLimit     10

StartServers     5
ThreadsPerChild       10
MinSpareThreads       10

MaxClients 50

MaxSpareThreads       50

However if stack A or B misbehave and eat up all of the available apache
connections it can cause a denial of service for the other stack that is
on the same apache.

My question really is where I should be doing the isolation. I am not
sure whether I can achieve this in modjk or whether I should rather be
running separate apache instances for tomcat stack A and B. I considered
using virtual hosts but I believe they would still share the overall
amount of threads as defined above.

After writing this I think the question is probably more relevant on an
apache list but because we are using modjk and tomcat I thought I would
ask anyway.


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