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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat Not Releasing URL Connection
Date Tue, 30 Dec 2008 21:46:51 GMT
> From: Troy Davidson []
> Subject: Tomcat Not Releasing URL Connection
> It seems that Tomcat is pooling the network connection and
> not releasing it but reusing it each time.

That is of course incorrect, since Tomcat knows nothing about the outbound connections your
application is making.  Something is probably caching DNS information - it could be your application,
the JRE, the underlying OS, or the DNS box your server is talking to.

If the 3rd party you're connecting to really does change the underlying IP address for a given
DNS name, you need to realize that it takes a bit of time for a DNS record update to propagate
- sometimes days; that could also be having an affect.  The more usual approach for a backup
server is to simply reassign the IP address to the backup when the primary goes offline.

> java-1_5_0-ibm-1.5.0_sr8 (The hardware team set this up, so I
> assume the IBM JVM was all that was available.)
> SUSE (SLES) 10

Definitely not true.  As a fairly easy first step, try installing a Sun JRE for Linux and
see if the problem persists.  Does your 3rd party have a test environment for you to experiment

You might also try running Wireshark or equivalent on your SuSE box to see where the traffic
for the 3rd party is really going.

 - Chuck

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