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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: jvm cowardly refuses to print a thread dump
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2008 18:27:20 GMT
> From: Leon Rosenberg []
> Subject: Re: jvm cowardly refuses to print a thread dump
> and two in
> at java.util.ArrayList.size(

Just for grins, can you post the full stack trace for those two?  (Or e-mail me the whole
thing.)  There's nothing unusual at that line of code - it's not native or even synchronized.
 One possibility is that the JIT is trying to optimize use of that method by recompiling it,
but the Compiler thread is stuck someplace, and the app threads are suspended until the JIT

Have you changed JVM levels recently?  If you haven't, maybe you should...

> We assume that the other tomcats didn't produce any thread dumps
> because our trigger happy system admins just sent the kill -9 too soon
> after the kill -3, and the jvm was overloaded.

I'm not buying it.  Does this happen on more than one system?  Have you had a cosmic ray storm
in your area recently?  (Once upon a time, we had a system that crashed every day at 16:50
for about two weeks, but never at any other time.  After the two weeks, the crashes stopped;
we suspected power fluctuations, but we never did figure out exactly what was going on.)

> But back to the ArrayList, how high is the probability of having
> ArrayList.size() twice in the similar call-tree in one ThreadDump?

Unless your code is really, really paranoid and does a lot of unnecessary size checking, I'd
guess pretty close to zero.

 - Chuck

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