Hi Filip,
   All I did was to modify sessions application that comes with tomcat. It's just two simple changes shown below.

   1) Replace the DummCart.class in <tomcat-home>\apache-tomcat-6.0.18\webapps\examples\WEB-INF\classes\sessions with the attached one.
   2)mark the web.xml in <tomcat-home>\apache-tomcat-6.0.18\webapps\examples\WEB-INF as distributable by adding </distributable> tag
   3)then access this by using https://localhost/examples/jsp/sessions/carts.jsp

Please let me know...Thanks for doing this

On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 6:55 PM, Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <devlists@hanik.com> wrote:
post a sample app, and we can test it out


rohit aman wrote:

  I had setup a tomcat cluster with two nodes. followed the instructions
from "tomcat 6 clustering how to" document. I created a sample
application to test out my cluster.  This application has a cart where u can
add items.

now, the problem is, not all session variables are getting replicated. below
is the scenario..

1)start tomcat 1
2)access the cart add items to it ( lets say added 5 items )
3)start tomcat 2
4)add some more items ( 3 more...so totally 8) ( this is done using tomcat 1
again because my LB is configured for sticky sessions)
5)stop tomcat 1
6)access the cart (now the request goes to tomcat 2)...here *I can only see
the first 5 items where as it should be 8. *So, the next three did not get

whichever session or session attribute gets created when both nodes are
running is not getting replicated for some reason.

I am monitoring both nodes with Jconsole. In Jconsole the number of session
for the application =  sessions in node 1 + sessions in node 2. So, this
says that sessions are being replicated. But, I am not sure why I am not
able to access all sessions/sessionAttributes.

Any help is very much appreciated.



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