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From Mark Ebbert <>
Subject Why did he copy everything in "server/lib" to "common/lib?"
Date Sat, 22 Nov 2008 01:26:08 GMT

I have inherited a project from someone (who is no longer around). I  
am also fairly new to web-applications. While trying to become  
familiar with tomcat 5.5 and the application that I inherited, I  
learned that the previous developer copied everything in "server/lib"  
to "common/lib." I also learned that the application did not function  
properly unless I did the same (error: NoClassDefFoundError: org/ 
apache/catalina/realm/RealmBase). When reading the documentation on  
the tomcat 5.5 class loader page (

), I learned that everything in "server/lib" is meant for Tomcat (and  
only Tomcat -- I think). Can anyone straighten me out? Why would he  
copy these jars over? And if the application is dependent on them, I  
would imagine other people's application would be too, but the jars  
are not available to the applications.

Any advice is appreciated.

Mark T. W. Ebbert

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