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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Manager app language
Date Sat, 29 Nov 2008 16:19:42 GMT
Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
>> From: André Warnier []
>> Subject: Re: Manager app language
>> In the Welcome page of this application (the one mentioned in the
>> web.xml's <welcome-file> tag), right before anything gets displayed to
>> the user calling it up, the user.language property is currently being
>> set to German
> Sounds like we have a prime suspect.  Can you post the portion of the JSP that does that?
So we have a suspect.  That would be good. But see further.
The code is here :
Personally, I don't see anything in there that looks like it is setting 
the global JVM user.language property.
But maybe the developer (to whom I told the story) has already updated 
his app. I'll have to ask him.

>> Now my question is : assuming Tomcat is started anew, that all
>> applications are deployed and loaded
> Are they?  What is the value of deployOnStartup in your <Host> element(s)?  (The
default value is true.)
       <Host name="localhost" appBase="webapps"
        unpackWARs="true" autoDeploy="true"
        xmlValidation="false" xmlNamespaceAware="false">

So, true, apparently.

>> And I guess any init() method called by Tomcat would thus be
>> the one of this jsp compiler.
> Correct.
>> But does that jsp compiler already pre-compile some of the pages, and
>> execute some of the methods invoked in these pages, even before a user
>> would actually call up the page ?
> They don't have to be pre-compiled, just not modified since the last usage.  The JSP
servlet saves the generated .java and .class files in Tomcat's work directory and reuses them
across Tomcat restarts.  However, I can't find any mechanism that will invoke the generated
code prior to a request occurring.
Too bad then, I think we've just lost our prime suspect.

> Since the manager servlets are not configured with <load-on-startup>, it looks
to me like any request for your main webapp that arrives before one for the manager will trigger
the observed behavior.  There may be some subtleties in the Tomcat initialization process
that narrows the window, but I haven't dug into it enough to see them.

Understand : it does not really bother me that much that the Manager
would come up either in German or English.  That, we can live with.
It is the underlying reason that I would like to track down, because
that may tell us more about what to do and not to do in our webapps, or
what may be wrong in our current setup.
For example, the webapp above which set user.language by default is
something developed in-house.  So now we know we should not do this, and
it's easy to fix.

Anyway, I have done a couple of tests :
1) if in the Tomcat startup scripts (*), I set
and restart Tomcat, and call up the Manager page first, then the Manager 
responds in English.
1) if in the Tomcat startup scripts, I set
then the Manager responds in German.

(*) (tomcat_dir)/bin/

In both cases, I also tried to call up the suspicious webapp first, and 
to change its language,  but in the current version of the webapp, this 
did not influence the way the Manager responded afterward.

So, I have to conclude that either this webapp was modified between my 
previous posts and now, or else that at some point in time the LC_CTYPE 
in the startup scripts was set to German.  That is something I have a 
real difficulty imagining though, because as far as I know I am the only 
one to touch these scripts, and I am quite sure that except today and 
for the above tests, I never ever put a german locale in there.
And the system's default locale (in /etc/default/locale) is

#  File generated by update-locale
and was last modified in 2007.

The strange thing however is that the above locale does not appear when 
I enter "locale -a | grep US" on that system. These appear :

Oh well, I guess some element of mystery must remain.
Thanks again for all the help.

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