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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Manager app language
Date Fri, 28 Nov 2008 08:35:08 GMT
Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
>> From: André Warnier []
>> Subject: Re: Manager app language
>> Do you really mean that one webapp can change that setting and thus
>> influence other webapps that way ?
> Yes - which is why you can configure a SecurityManager to restrict anti-social behavior.
Ok. I understand the idea. But I have a question below.

>> If Tomcat <Host> has autoDeploy=true, is that still valid ?
> It's not autoDeploy that would affect it, but rather deployOnStartup; regardless, the
init() method of a servlet could change the value if its webapp happened to be deployed before
the manager webapp.

Ok again. Let me detail this painstakingly, as I want to make sure I 
understand this correctly, and my understanding of JSP is even more 
scarce than that of Java and servlets in general.

We have one application, which consist exclusively of jsp pages.
In the Welcome page of this application (the one mentioned in the 
web.xml's <welcome-file> tag), right before anything gets displayed to 
the user calling it up, the user.language property is currently being 
set to German, as a default value, and the initial page display is in 
German, with a possibility for the user to switch the language right away.

So, I understand that as soon as this page is being *displayed*, the 
JVM's user.language property is now "de", and that any webapp which, 
from this point on, would read this property from the same JVM would 
also get "de".

Now my question is : assuming Tomcat is started anew, that all 
applications are deployed and loaded, but assuming the above application 
has not yet been *accessed* by anyone since that restart, can this 
application already have changed the value of the user.language property ?

Even more painstakingly : not knowing the jsp mechanism very well, I 
nevertheless imagine that the "real servlet" in that case is some "jsp 
compiler", ready to compile on-the-fly any jsp page called up by the 
application (and thereafter caching the compiled code for later re-use).
And I guess any init() method called by Tomcat would thus be the one of 
this jsp compiler.
But does that jsp compiler already pre-compile some of the pages, and 
execute some of the methods invoked in these pages, even before a user 
would actually call up the page ?

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